Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Wonders of Technology

Technology lets me talk to him. Technology allows me to hear his voice and possibly in the future see him too. Technology lets me pretend that he is just a few miles away (a few miles times a few thousands). Technology lets he be a part of this family. Technology lets us be a family. I love technology!

I am grateful that we are living in a time where distance is no longer an issue. We can remain “connected”. I love the old fashion letter, but the tone in the letters change because we are able to talk to each other almost everyday. Seeing each other might be a possibility. Some of my friends do that! I imagine the obstacle that it would be to incorporate someone into the daily family life if communication would not be there. How would it be not to know. How would it be to wonder the “what ifs”? Very little is say about the families during past wars where communication was limited. I wonder, with admiration, what their daily life was like-to be away from their loved ones, not only for 12-15 months, but for the duration. Strong was that generation who endured so much and yet took the time to educate us on how to be better parents and/or spouses.
As a geographical single parent I can understand the challenges of not having someone there. But with the advances in technology, I am able to continue a relationship that otherwise would not occur. Communication allows us to continue to parent together, to express love and appreciation, to discuss expectation and issues , and to gain advise and reassurance.
I am not alone. Technology has allowed me to always have him there. I sure love my phone.

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Mark and Adrian said...

I agree, if we have to go through this we might as well love the technology we have been given. When Mark was gone, I was so grateful for the phone and e-mail. If I needed him I e-mailed and he called shortly afterwards if he could or always e-mailed back. It was a nice way to discipline because my kids never figured out that their dad couldn't come home and there really wasn't anything he could do but they always obeyed better after he called and talked to them.