Friday, July 1, 2011


June was an eventful month. Ryan’s birthday and Father’s Day was just awesome. I love themed birthday parties. Last year we had a Luau for Ryan. It was the most awesome birthday ever! This year I was a little frustrated because I wanted to top what I did last year and there was no way I could.
Ben, Luke and I headed to the party place. While driving there Sam called me and we brain stormed a few ideas. Sam suggested a cowboy themed birthday. While looking for some stuff Ben found some fake mustaches. Ben just had to have it. Ok, what about a mustache/cowboy birthday?
When Ryan got home we had the house all decorated. The boys had gone and changed into their cowboy clothe. As for me, I just had to add the mustache. Last year I had dressed as a Hawaiian girl with grass skirt and coconut top.
When Ryan walked through the door he laughed. He even had the guts to tell me that I forgot to shave this morning! Hahaha.
It was all fun and because Ryan was sick the party didn’t last all that long.
Have I mentioned that I love Themed birthday parties?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Black Bean Blownie Recipe (Gluten Free)


  • 1 (15 1/2 Ounces) Can black beans (rinsed and drained)

  • 3 eggs

  • 3 tablespoons oil

  • 4 tablespoons cocoa powder

  • 1 pinch salt

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

  • 3/4 cup sugar

  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder

  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda


    1. Mix ingredients together in a blender/food processor until pureed ( I mix pure the beans first!)

    2. Pour into a greased 8X8 cake pan.

    3. Stir in some chocolate chips and nuts, or leave plain.

    4. Bake at 350F for about 40 minutes.

    5. Let cool completely before cutting.

      *I didnt have chocolate chips so I chopped some Hershey's bar and put it on top. There are many variations to this recipe and it is fun to try out adding and/or subtracting ingredients.

      My kids love it and so do I.

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    Do you ever ask your loved ones to make a list for Christmas? Mr. Reay and I do. The kids always make lists for Santa. Not that we don’t get our list also. In the “Santa” list, the kids always include things that “we”, can’t afford to buy. This year, Sam decided that if Santa is really real, he should be able to read his thoughts! How clever!
    The kids are not the only ones who make a list. Mr. Reay and I do as well. Mr. Reay is the kind of person that if he wants something, he just buys it himself. Every year we both take the time to write down what we would like from each other. We usually include inexpensive stuff and a couple of expensive ones. In all, we end up with about 8-10 things in our list. I usually pick about 3 to 5 things, that way he is still surprised and don’t really know what to expect on Christmas day.
    This year we started training Luke on making a list. It turned out to be difficult, so we gave him a catalog and told him to circle what “Luke likes”. He did so well! I can’t wait till Christmas morning. My favorite part is watching them open their gifts and the look on their faces.


    I am not much of a blogger! Sometimes I come here and even type something, but ended up deleting because I either think it is too personal or because it does not matter. I admire my friends who blog (not to be confused with blogger friends!). They have this ability to disclose information without disclosing information.
    I have a goal for the new year that I would like to start now. I want to blog more often and see if I can keep up with it. Girls, I will need your help.

    Saturday, May 1, 2010

    Piano Recital

    Another one of this and I will have a heart attach. I get so nervous when the kids have to perform, but they never disappoint. This has been Sam's and Ben's 3rd piano recital. They are always so calm and do it so well. Both boys have been taken piano lessons since the age of 5 and they do it really well.

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    The Wonders of Technology

    Technology lets me talk to him. Technology allows me to hear his voice and possibly in the future see him too. Technology lets me pretend that he is just a few miles away (a few miles times a few thousands). Technology lets he be a part of this family. Technology lets us be a family. I love technology!

    I am grateful that we are living in a time where distance is no longer an issue. We can remain “connected”. I love the old fashion letter, but the tone in the letters change because we are able to talk to each other almost everyday. Seeing each other might be a possibility. Some of my friends do that! I imagine the obstacle that it would be to incorporate someone into the daily family life if communication would not be there. How would it be not to know. How would it be to wonder the “what ifs”? Very little is say about the families during past wars where communication was limited. I wonder, with admiration, what their daily life was like-to be away from their loved ones, not only for 12-15 months, but for the duration. Strong was that generation who endured so much and yet took the time to educate us on how to be better parents and/or spouses.
    As a geographical single parent I can understand the challenges of not having someone there. But with the advances in technology, I am able to continue a relationship that otherwise would not occur. Communication allows us to continue to parent together, to express love and appreciation, to discuss expectation and issues , and to gain advise and reassurance.
    I am not alone. Technology has allowed me to always have him there. I sure love my phone.

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    Only in the Army?

    Is it only in the army?…..I cannot believe that the so called “leadership” can talk to their subordinates while using profanity. Does that actually happen in the civilian word? Would someone be fired if when talking to their subordinates used profanity? I would like to think so. In my opinion, I consider a “boss” who uses such language to be ignorant. My children are taught to not use harsh language with each other or anyone else. Words such as: hate, retarded, dumb, shut up, idiot, stupid, are not allowed to be uttered at my home. Since the rule was established, I have not heard my children speak those words. I really don’t know if they say it behind my back, but if so it will come out soon or later. My oldest, I have been told, called someone a “Mitch” (not the actual bad word) once. He was disciplined for that, after a long talk. He didn’t think it was fair to be punished for saying that because, he explained, “it is not a bad word.” I knew what he meant and that was enough to get him in trouble. Children have a very creative way of coming up with alternatives to breaking the rules. For example, the kids started to say loath instead of hate just to express their feelings because hate was not allowed. I was quite pleased with that. See, we have other ways of expressing our feeling while expanding our vocabulary.
    After being in the army for almost 21 years and dealing with profanity at work, my husband have never uttered “certain” bad words either- not at home or at work. Because of this, it is disappointing to me to hear of other doing it specially towards him. I feel deeply hurt by it not only because leadership is to set the example, but because after doing so those leaders claim to be doing the work of God.
    Does the Golden Rule apply even in the military? Of course it does! We are not immune to becoming upset. A well educated person would have better choice of words. When you are a leader your job is to serve those bellow you while satisfying those above you. Is the ability to guide, direct, or influence people more achievable by using profanity? Inspiration comes from those who use self-discipline, calculated actions, self-control, integrity, and honesty- just to name a few.
    Now, if we are going to use God as a guide on how we should act (or use his words when we speak) we should consider Jesus Christ as a leader. I wonder what kind of profanity He used when He found out that Peter had denied him not once, but 3 times or when Barabbas was freed in his instead. No profanity was needed. Jesus continued his ministry without the need to use hurtful words that degrades not other but oneself.
    My dear husband keeps reminding me that the army has 7 values which are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. If many of the leadership lived by these values, the way they treated other would be greatly improved.
    Ok, now that I have unloaded my “anger” towards some of the leaders of the most regarded military in the word I shall rest my case. If you have an opinion please don’t hesitate to share. I promise that I will not utter any profanity at you or even think of it! (no sarcasm here!)
    But before you go away:

    Source Unknown
    What are the actions and attributes of a leader?
    What is it that makes him different from others?
    1. A leader is always full of praise.
    2. A leader learns to use the phrases "thank you" and "please" on his way to the top.
    3. A leader is always growing.
    4. A leader is possessed with his dreams.
    5. A leader launches forth before success is certain.
    6. A leader is not afraid of confrontation.
    7. A leader talks about his own mistakes before talking about someone else's.
    8. A leader is a person of honesty and integrity.
    9. A leader has a good name.
    10. A leader makes others better.
    11. A leader is quick to praise and encourage the smallest amount of improvement.
    12. A leader is genuinely interested in others.
    13. A leader looks for opportunities to find someone doing something right.
    14. A leader takes others up with him.
    15. A leader responds to his own failures and acknowledges them before others have to discover and reveal them.
    16. A leader never allows murmuring—from himself or others.
    17. A leader is specific in what he expects.
    18. A leader holds accountable those who work with him.
    19. A leader does what is right rather than what is popular.
    20. A leader is a servant.

    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    "No Phone Zone" Campaign

    I am an Oprah’s fan! I have friends who dislike (don’t like to use the work Ha*e!) her. I have friends who love her. I am indifferent about the way I feel about Oprah. If I am folding laundry and the kids are happy doing something else, I will watch. Yesterday’s show however was one I was glad I had a lot of laundry to fold. It was about people using their cell phones while driving.
    I have to confess that I was one of those who thought I was capable of doing multiple tasks while driving. I guess a lot of us think that way! I have , in many occasions, talked on the phone, disciplined two kids while handing a sippy cut to another, eaten my lunch or dinner, had a conversation with myself and/or other, scheduled appointments, paid bills, made lists, listen to music or the news, etc, all while on the road! Yes, sometimes I do think I am super woman. It is real that I am not capable of doing it all. And why should I do it all? Maybe that is the reason why I am so tired in the end of the day. If we, average humans, use only 2% of our brain, then I am using my two percent to the limit by executing so many tasks while driving.
    OK, I took the pledge and I have committed myself to only driving. Yes, I will listen to music, I will talk to my kids, I will continue to talk to myself, but I will not talk on the phone or text while driving.
    I have made the pledge and now it is official. Please join me and see if you can do it!

    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    Now I know him inside and out!

    As I was putting things away today I noticed the disk containing this. Luke’s X-ray was given to me by the nurse when I left the hospital. I love looking at this. My baby is so precious inside and out.

    Friday, January 15, 2010

    More pics

    At the play room at the hospital. He was having so much fun!